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Public holiday wanderings

10 Jun

Today is a public holiday around most of Australia. Continue reading


The lone tricycle

9 Jun

I don’t recall seeing a notice for hard rubbish, but somebody decided it was and left this lonely, well loved and completely worn out tricycle on my little patch of land.

I’m considering it a sign, the lonely tricycle ends up outside the house of the lone single girl in the entire neighbourhood – get outta here.



Scrap metal

9 Jun

I don’t know where one of my neighbours gets all of these car parts day after day. Always a new batch.

Didn’t know that many cars went to car heaven on a daily basis.

Guess away.


And off he goes

7 May

A few weeks ago I wrote about my new status as a landlord, and I got a tenant to move into the spare room.

He’s actually been pretty good – having a couple of young kids he’s out all the time with them and when he’s not with them he’s at work, or drinking beers.

So last night he tells me he’s moving out.  After 3 weeks.  He’s reached an agreement with the ex who’s decided it’s probably better with the devil you know than not.  Or I’m just a seriously awful person to live with.

This has been a ridiculous exercise for both of us, throwing our lives up in the air again and making it quite an uncomfortable journey for both.

I’ll miss the extra money, but I think I’ll just go get a weekend job instead.

So anybody got a job that they would like done on the weekends in the Mornington Peninsular? Hit me up.

Sunday 10.58am

17 Feb

Just a reflection. This was Sunday 10.58am and already almost 30 degrees.





Monday morning

21 Jan

Such an intense sun this morning, with an eerie haze. Finally, the wind has turned and smoke from the bushfires burning hundred kilometres away has drifted our way the smell and the changes to the sky. The upside is it delivers a somewhat tragic yet beautiful view on the way to the station.

My thoughts are with the family that did lose a loved and cherished member, along with all those directly impacted by the fires, plus those that stop their lives to fight it. I hope some small degree of normalcy returns soon.

For those that aren’t aware, Summer in Australia typically brings intense heat and as a result bush fires. Although good for the environment, most are deliberately lit and cause loss of homes, lives, stock and spirit. Some never recover.



S.C.R.A.M and Seafordia

17 Jan

S.C.R.A.M and Seafordia

To get serious for a second, this is my little foray into political territory for a minute, entertain me.

This proposal by McDonalds to open a 24 hour restaurant on Nepean Highway is a topic of controversy around my little area.  I like the rest of the area, do not oppose development as a whole.  With one restaurant in Seaford already, why require a second?

Nepean Highway is a busy road and I know they will say that they are catering to demand, but guys, there’s already a restaurant further down the road.

My objection is environmental.

The site is located in between the gorgeous foreshore of Seaford Beach and the Kananook Creek. I’ve read of plans to prevent damage to the beach and creeks, I’ve seen what McD has done to other regions that have one introduced.  Any environmental plan will fail because people are lazy. Simple.

I can picture this, family parks in the already at capacity Woolworths (across the road from the site), walks across the busy Seaford Road to McD, buys a cheap (not to mention sugar laden meal – that’s a whole other topic) and wanders across to the beach.

This beach doesn’t have bins on the sand, family eats dinner and cleans up.  Forgets to pick up a chip packet and a burger wrapper. Gets left behind, blowing along the sand; picked up by a bird, kicked by a kid, carried into the water.  Imagine this happening multiple times every day.

Then there is the creek. I can picture the ducks swimming in a sludge of litter, paddlers in their kayaks navigating through it.  No thanks.

This is why I don’t want McD in my neighbourhood.

I hope Frankston council and eventually VCAT see the madness and reject the proposal.

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