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Holiday crazy continues

3 Jan

My lucky friends are still on holiday, so after the hangover of New Years has passed, we jumped straight back in for a sneaky dinner.

So after work yesterday I drove the couple of kilometres inland to my friends house. Instantly I was greeted by a waft of garlic. Oh it was going to be a good night.


We sat down with beverage and chat a chat until first course was delivered.  The Harvest Risotto.  Fresh zucchini and flowers directly from the garden at the back of the block. Paired with just cooked risotto rice and fresh flat leaf paisley, divine.

Next course was garlic central.  Sweet potatoes, olives, feta, garlic and the most tender roast lamb.  All served with fresh cos lettuce from the garden.  I can die now.  Even scored some left overs for lunch.

Washed all of that down with some delicious Yarra Valley wines and oh my goodness.

Then the indulge… Plum and Frangapani tart.  My friend made everything from scratch.  And it was sweet and flaky and so filling.  This is where I cut myself off.  I had a little and then left it.  See, I have goals don’t you know it!

Food coma sent me home and I woke up this morning still full.  Thus teaching me that I still over did it and to pull myself back in.

But I could get used to this whole not cooking for myself thing over summer holidays.  Yes.

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