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20 Apr

Te weather is getting colder. Only a few weeks ago, this stretch of sand had people all over it. And now, a lone fisherman.

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The tenant

15 Apr


Well, after months of “meh, don’t care about a housemate” and loosely advertising the room on gumtree, I had 2 enquiries on the same day.  Both from 44 year old men.

The first, total creep show.  Learning how to become a personal trainer. Turkish and right at the end, well quite frankly rude right at the end. When I wouldn’t entertain his request to let him know immediately whether he had the room or not.



Then I met my to be housemate.  English, mid 40s and going through a relationship split.  Likes beer and sport.  WHEN CAN YOU MOVE IN?

Well, he’s moving in this afternoon.  And I’m in mourning a little.  I love living by myself.  Sharing space again is going to be tough.  But think of the money.  Oh the money.


What’s goin’ on, goin’ on…

12 Apr

So, been a while been drinks hey?!?

I was reflecting, thinking what’s been going on? you know, really going on? And I came up blanks. And then the past few weeks came rushing back.

I’ve gone from going to yoga 4 times a week, personal training once a week, Friday and Saturday night going crazy and Sunday collapsing into a heap.
No way to live.

So I stopped that 2 weeks ago and instead:
Spent time with my friends in the Alpine region of Melbourne,
Went to the Gold Coast for work and spend a really good day up there
Gone on a couple of dates!
Gone to lots of comedy shows
Eaten well
Exercised when I wanted to and well

Sometimes, I get so bogged down in the mantra of “must exercise, must exercise” that I forgot that life is actually for living. And it’s feeling good, because life is being lived.

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