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And off he goes

7 May

A few weeks ago I wrote about my new status as a landlord, and I got a tenant to move into the spare room.

He’s actually been pretty good – having a couple of young kids he’s out all the time with them and when he’s not with them he’s at work, or drinking beers.

So last night he tells me he’s moving out.  After 3 weeks.  He’s reached an agreement with the ex who’s decided it’s probably better with the devil you know than not.  Or I’m just a seriously awful person to live with.

This has been a ridiculous exercise for both of us, throwing our lives up in the air again and making it quite an uncomfortable journey for both.

I’ll miss the extra money, but I think I’ll just go get a weekend job instead.

So anybody got a job that they would like done on the weekends in the Mornington Peninsular? Hit me up.


Deadly cooking

8 Feb

Think I need a new oven. Did this to keep the heat in and cook the salted caramel cheese cake I made.


Finding a housemate

15 Jan

So, my mother will be delighted to hear that I’ve finally advertised for a housemate, after almost 3 months of dragging my heels and delaying it.

I posted an ad on gumtree and a couple of generic flatmate finder websites, with a price that is probably too much for the room as it is, but does include all the bills.

An explicit requirement was WORKING FULL TIME.  I don’t want you lounging on my couch using all my electricity watching Dr Phil, especially if I don’t get to do that.

Had a couple of hits so far:

One is the Chinese school girl, wanting to know if it’s a set price for one person or as many as she wanted, -ummm NEXT

The second, much more promising, but has difficulty constructing full and proper sentences.  I’ll forgive it because I don’t know what device he was writing with. But promising, 30ish, moving back from WA. Family near by, going to be working locally and wants to wind surf.  Does jobs on the side for cash, doesn’t cook. Sounds alright.

Well Stew, you may just move in sunshine.

The landlord

11 Jan

I’ve just advertised to rent a room in my house.  Reckon I should take some tips from this landlord?

Thank you for the Friday afternoon giggles.  Hilarious.

Realigining your expectations

19 Dec

Buying a house was a bitch.  A depressing, mostly waste of time while driving around, looking at houses that are completely different to the photos and descriptions.  Not to mention the epic under quoting going on.  The search lasted around 12 months, which extreme dedication

The search started like this:

  • Criteria 1: Within 10km of CBD with a parking space and balcony, preferably courtyard or even better – backyard.
  • Criteria 2: With at least 2 bedrooms
  • Criteria 3: Within a 10 minute walk to the closest train station / tram

The search changed and went like this:

Criteria 1: Within the East / South and still considered within Greater Metropolitan Melbourne

Criteria 2: Within a 10 minute walk to the closest train / horse and cart.

Long story short, now live 36kms from the city and everything I knew.  Now to get me through the long train ride, I pretend I’m going on a beach holiday every night.  At least I’ve caught up on episodes of Dexter on the iPad.



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