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20 Apr

Te weather is getting colder. Only a few weeks ago, this stretch of sand had people all over it. And now, a lone fisherman.

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Highlights of the past week

24 Feb

So it’s been a week since I last posted. What’s happened during this 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes and massive amount of seconds.

Monday: after suffering through an incredibly hot day (around 36 degrees) I raced off to play tennis for the first time in 5 years. Once the sun went down it was a really nice night. I’ve learnt that I still suck at tennis but it was great to have a run around again.

Tuesday: I spent the night at a yelp event with my friends. Great night. We drank these whiskey cocktails:


And ate these delicious chicken in leaves.


It made me quite sad for the fact that I’m not living in the city or remotely close anymore. It was a long train ride home.

Wednesday: caught up with some twitter friends and an interstate new twitter friend. Starting to feel a little sickly by this stage.

On the train ride home, I had my first really bad experience on the Franga line. Only 8.30 at night, two guys decided that smoking and drinking on the train were the things to do. And then by Parkdale were getting quite agitated and loud. This is when one of them proclaimed to be mentally unstable, shouldn’t be out on public and were off their medication. So this is when I hightailed it out of there and switched carriages.

Says a lot for the state of our transport system when there is nobody there to protect the commuters.

Thursday: sick, sick, sick. Throat swollen, tonsels swollen, pain, shivers, sneezing and shaking. And I had a rather important meeting. So swallow some cold and flu tablets. These switched off the symptoms long enough to get into the office, only to have my meeting cancelled 2 minutes after arriving in the office. Awesome. Pretty much turned back around and went home.

Melbourne was going through a heat wave and the storms were trying to roll in. A lack of punch made for an amazing sunset.

Thursday nights sunset though


Friday/ Saturday and Sunday.

Sick and hot. That is it. Exciting hey.

Sunday 10.58am

17 Feb

Just a reflection. This was Sunday 10.58am and already almost 30 degrees.





Indecisive summer….

1 Feb

Melbourne in January… The middle of the summer for us and one of the driest months on record, that was until January 31.

So far, this blog has been full of pretty beach pictures but last night’s suburban adventures involved sirens and state emergency services (SES), which happens to be conveniently located up the road.

The storm ripped through Melbourne with quite a viciousness and brought with it not only heavy rain but a killer wind. This already determined that I’m not looking forward to winter down here.

This wind brought down trees and power lines blocking off side streets all around me. If it wasn’t for the sirens I probably wouldn’t have known a thing was going on because the house didn’t lose power. WIN!

So hello February 1, wish you would warm up a little bit (thick tights and boots have made a quick appearance).

And enjoy yesterday’s storm highlights.

Flinders Street Station and Southbank shrouded in grey. This storm came on quickly and surprised many.


They call this a downpour – Flinders Street Station Platform 9


SES Emergency Services attend to fallen trees. They did NOT like me taking this photo.

Have a great Friday.


25 Jan

This is what 8.37pm on a 37 degree day looks like.

It may be suburbia but its damn pretty.


S.C.R.A.M and Seafordia

17 Jan

S.C.R.A.M and Seafordia

To get serious for a second, this is my little foray into political territory for a minute, entertain me.

This proposal by McDonalds to open a 24 hour restaurant on Nepean Highway is a topic of controversy around my little area.  I like the rest of the area, do not oppose development as a whole.  With one restaurant in Seaford already, why require a second?

Nepean Highway is a busy road and I know they will say that they are catering to demand, but guys, there’s already a restaurant further down the road.

My objection is environmental.

The site is located in between the gorgeous foreshore of Seaford Beach and the Kananook Creek. I’ve read of plans to prevent damage to the beach and creeks, I’ve seen what McD has done to other regions that have one introduced.  Any environmental plan will fail because people are lazy. Simple.

I can picture this, family parks in the already at capacity Woolworths (across the road from the site), walks across the busy Seaford Road to McD, buys a cheap (not to mention sugar laden meal – that’s a whole other topic) and wanders across to the beach.

This beach doesn’t have bins on the sand, family eats dinner and cleans up.  Forgets to pick up a chip packet and a burger wrapper. Gets left behind, blowing along the sand; picked up by a bird, kicked by a kid, carried into the water.  Imagine this happening multiple times every day.

Then there is the creek. I can picture the ducks swimming in a sludge of litter, paddlers in their kayaks navigating through it.  No thanks.

This is why I don’t want McD in my neighbourhood.

I hope Frankston council and eventually VCAT see the madness and reject the proposal.

Hot town, summer in the city

4 Jan

Every man and his dog was out last night. Literally, it was too hot to do anything else. It’s edging up to 41 degrees Celsius today, so it will be even busier tonight.

Presenting how my backyard looked last night. Not a bad sight.


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