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Public holiday wanderings

10 Jun

Today is a public holiday around most of Australia. Continue reading


Sunday 10.58am

17 Feb

Just a reflection. This was Sunday 10.58am and already almost 30 degrees.





Indecisive summer….

1 Feb

Melbourne in January… The middle of the summer for us and one of the driest months on record, that was until January 31.

So far, this blog has been full of pretty beach pictures but last night’s suburban adventures involved sirens and state emergency services (SES), which happens to be conveniently located up the road.

The storm ripped through Melbourne with quite a viciousness and brought with it not only heavy rain but a killer wind. This already determined that I’m not looking forward to winter down here.

This wind brought down trees and power lines blocking off side streets all around me. If it wasn’t for the sirens I probably wouldn’t have known a thing was going on because the house didn’t lose power. WIN!

So hello February 1, wish you would warm up a little bit (thick tights and boots have made a quick appearance).

And enjoy yesterday’s storm highlights.

Flinders Street Station and Southbank shrouded in grey. This storm came on quickly and surprised many.


They call this a downpour – Flinders Street Station Platform 9


SES Emergency Services attend to fallen trees. They did NOT like me taking this photo.

Have a great Friday.


25 Jan

This is what 8.37pm on a 37 degree day looks like.

It may be suburbia but its damn pretty.


Monday morning

21 Jan

Such an intense sun this morning, with an eerie haze. Finally, the wind has turned and smoke from the bushfires burning hundred kilometres away has drifted our way the smell and the changes to the sky. The upside is it delivers a somewhat tragic yet beautiful view on the way to the station.

My thoughts are with the family that did lose a loved and cherished member, along with all those directly impacted by the fires, plus those that stop their lives to fight it. I hope some small degree of normalcy returns soon.

For those that aren’t aware, Summer in Australia typically brings intense heat and as a result bush fires. Although good for the environment, most are deliberately lit and cause loss of homes, lives, stock and spirit. Some never recover.


The colours are so vivid

28 Dec

Being in the suburbs I’ve noticed everything is magnified and so much more vivid.  Weather, noise, colour, sun, moon and the general background.  It’s so much more in your face. I think I like that.

This is what vivid looked like this morning…



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