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The colours are so vivid

28 Dec

Being in the suburbs I’ve noticed everything is magnified and so much more vivid.  Weather, noise, colour, sun, moon and the general background.  It’s so much more in your face. I think I like that.

This is what vivid looked like this morning…




Holiday views

27 Dec


Train views

23 Dec

A brief glimpse of the view I get when crossing the Patterson river. Sometimes the suburbs arn’t that bad. I never had this in the city.

Whatever gets me through the day hey!


Double take

21 Dec

This sign gets me double taking everyday!

I live southside. My neighbourhood consists of light industrial, some trashy units, nice houses and the beach.

The little haven is an 8 minute walk from the train station and every morning on my amble up to the station, I double take at this sign.

What makes you stop, do a double take and look again?

Story telling

20 Dec


Coffee?  Pull up a seat, welcome to the table, so happy you can join me.

I decided to start this as I needed a place to be me.  I have stories. Mostly dodgy, fantastic stories that I tell my friends and tell cleaned up versions to my mum. She thinks they are hilarious.

There’s this habit of telling certain groups of people certain stories. I don’t know if it’s true but I’m pretty sure they are sick of them, just like I’m sick of being their third, fifth, seventh ect wheel to their outings. 

My stories are ones of love, lust, neighbours, babies, booze, real estate, the mundane, work, career, self improvement, disaster and trying to figure out what the fuck it all means.

I swear a lot, I take pretty pictures, I look up at the sky, I dream, I shuffle hurried along the street, I love, I hurt, I drink, I fall and I hope.

This is the place for me.



Realigining your expectations

19 Dec

Buying a house was a bitch.  A depressing, mostly waste of time while driving around, looking at houses that are completely different to the photos and descriptions.  Not to mention the epic under quoting going on.  The search lasted around 12 months, which extreme dedication

The search started like this:

  • Criteria 1: Within 10km of CBD with a parking space and balcony, preferably courtyard or even better – backyard.
  • Criteria 2: With at least 2 bedrooms
  • Criteria 3: Within a 10 minute walk to the closest train station / tram

The search changed and went like this:

Criteria 1: Within the East / South and still considered within Greater Metropolitan Melbourne

Criteria 2: Within a 10 minute walk to the closest train / horse and cart.

Long story short, now live 36kms from the city and everything I knew.  Now to get me through the long train ride, I pretend I’m going on a beach holiday every night.  At least I’ve caught up on episodes of Dexter on the iPad.



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