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And off he goes

7 May

A few weeks ago I wrote about my new status as a landlord, and I got a tenant to move into the spare room.

He’s actually been pretty good – having a couple of young kids he’s out all the time with them and when he’s not with them he’s at work, or drinking beers.

So last night he tells me he’s moving out.  After 3 weeks.  He’s reached an agreement with the ex who’s decided it’s probably better with the devil you know than not.  Or I’m just a seriously awful person to live with.

This has been a ridiculous exercise for both of us, throwing our lives up in the air again and making it quite an uncomfortable journey for both.

I’ll miss the extra money, but I think I’ll just go get a weekend job instead.

So anybody got a job that they would like done on the weekends in the Mornington Peninsular? Hit me up.


Diversity Disappointment

2 May


When I moved to the suburbs, I threw my hat in the ring for the DV Lottery for 2014.  This is a lottery that gives you pretty much a free ride straight into the U.S of A and bypasses all the crap associated with trying to enter the US via work visas ect.

Well, I thought I was in for a good chance and started dreaming * a little bit * of where I would live and the places I would go. 

But logging on this morning, my dreams were crushed.  I was not successful.

Ultimately, this is not the end of the world. There is another draw in October and I can always try again next year.  What’s so upsetting is the 6 months of dreaming and the short term demise of those dreams.

I’m stuck in suburbia for the short term, so it’s time to think of a new dream and cross every finger and toe that my number comes up in October draw.


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