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Wireless game continues

20 Mar

Oh really, do you do it better?



Mama’s going on holiday

15 Mar

Holiday baby!  Randomly, after a shitstorm morning on Melbourne’s public transport system, I finally arrived at work 4 hours after I left home. 

This is the reason:

When I got to work, I opened my emails (as you do) and saw Air Pacific (soon to be Air Fiji) had crazy good specials from Melbourne to Nadi. $350 return.  NO BRAINER.

So now I’m on the look out for recommendations and advice, remember I’m a single girl.  I know I’ll be surrounded by loved up couples, but I hope to avoid a few of them.  I’m there for 7 nights, 8 days. Going in October. Which is only 223 days away. Not that I’m counting

I’m sporty, I like water sports, a bit of adventure and up for a thrill.  My budget is mid range.  And I like food.

Where did you stay in Fiji?

What was the must do activity?

Best place to visit?

Best thing to eat?

Would love your recommendations. Hit me with them!


Railway views

14 Mar

Nothing exciting has happened recently in surburbia land. Except for the 9 days of 30 degree celcius weather (equivalent of around 90 f with an occasional appearance of 100+ weather). Awesome.

But enough of that until I get a good nights sleep. Here’s something prettier via the train.

The Patterson river crossing. Hello poet Phillip bay via metro.


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