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Diversity Disappointment

2 May


When I moved to the suburbs, I threw my hat in the ring for the DV Lottery for 2014.  This is a lottery that gives you pretty much a free ride straight into the U.S of A and bypasses all the crap associated with trying to enter the US via work visas ect.

Well, I thought I was in for a good chance and started dreaming * a little bit * of where I would live and the places I would go. 

But logging on this morning, my dreams were crushed.  I was not successful.

Ultimately, this is not the end of the world. There is another draw in October and I can always try again next year.  What’s so upsetting is the 6 months of dreaming and the short term demise of those dreams.

I’m stuck in suburbia for the short term, so it’s time to think of a new dream and cross every finger and toe that my number comes up in October draw.


Image via http://timesofnews.co/wp-content/plugins/RSSPoster_PRO/cache/d2ae2__63380358_walkingbuildings_getty.jpg


The tenant

15 Apr


Well, after months of “meh, don’t care about a housemate” and loosely advertising the room on gumtree, I had 2 enquiries on the same day.  Both from 44 year old men.

The first, total creep show.  Learning how to become a personal trainer. Turkish and right at the end, well quite frankly rude right at the end. When I wouldn’t entertain his request to let him know immediately whether he had the room or not.



Then I met my to be housemate.  English, mid 40s and going through a relationship split.  Likes beer and sport.  WHEN CAN YOU MOVE IN?

Well, he’s moving in this afternoon.  And I’m in mourning a little.  I love living by myself.  Sharing space again is going to be tough.  But think of the money.  Oh the money.


Mama’s going on holiday

15 Mar

Holiday baby!  Randomly, after a shitstorm morning on Melbourne’s public transport system, I finally arrived at work 4 hours after I left home. 

This is the reason: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/train-woes-hit-two-key-lines-20130315-2g49f.html

When I got to work, I opened my emails (as you do) and saw Air Pacific (soon to be Air Fiji) had crazy good specials from Melbourne to Nadi. $350 return.  NO BRAINER.

So now I’m on the look out for recommendations and advice, remember I’m a single girl.  I know I’ll be surrounded by loved up couples, but I hope to avoid a few of them.  I’m there for 7 nights, 8 days. Going in October. Which is only 223 days away. Not that I’m counting

I’m sporty, I like water sports, a bit of adventure and up for a thrill.  My budget is mid range.  And I like food.

Where did you stay in Fiji?

What was the must do activity?

Best place to visit?

Best thing to eat?

Would love your recommendations. Hit me with them!


30 in the suburbs

29 Jan

Today I turn 30.  Woo.  How exciting.

Being a single gal, it’s not.  Really it’s just an excuse to have a glass of champagne (read bottle) after a quick walk along the beach. 

Not inspiring, not exciting, my neighbours won’t have any idea any nobody is coming over.  Supreme disappointment, just like it is every year.Next year I’m going to change that.

Finding a housemate

15 Jan

So, my mother will be delighted to hear that I’ve finally advertised for a housemate, after almost 3 months of dragging my heels and delaying it.

I posted an ad on gumtree and a couple of generic flatmate finder websites, with a price that is probably too much for the room as it is, but does include all the bills.

An explicit requirement was WORKING FULL TIME.  I don’t want you lounging on my couch using all my electricity watching Dr Phil, especially if I don’t get to do that.

Had a couple of hits so far:

One is the Chinese school girl, wanting to know if it’s a set price for one person or as many as she wanted, -ummm NEXT

The second, much more promising, but has difficulty constructing full and proper sentences.  I’ll forgive it because I don’t know what device he was writing with. But promising, 30ish, moving back from WA. Family near by, going to be working locally and wants to wind surf.  Does jobs on the side for cash, doesn’t cook. Sounds alright.

Well Stew, you may just move in sunshine.

Saturday night in the suburbs

7 Jan

I had a quiet Saturday night watching some Parks and Rec and watching the night pass by, when outside a car pulls up outside my house, a dark green Holden Commodore sedan.

Initially, I thought nothing of it returning my attention back on Parks and Rec.  Soon, something didn’t feel quite right.  The headlights went out on the car and the person just sat in the car.

The street is a major suburban thoroughfare, with a bus route that is frequented by residents of the local caravan park, oh the class. A bus stop is directly across the road from my house. But I digress…

A second car pulls up on the bus stop side. A blue / silver Ford Falcon.  Both cars are lights off and drivers are out of the car.

By this stage I’m off the couch and straight into the kitchen, to grab my phone, flicking lights to pretend lots of people are home.  Meanwhile, my heart is going 10 billion beats a minute in anticipation.  Am I about to watch a deal go down, a kidnap, a stabbing? Anything is possible in these streets.

The blue falcon drove off almost as quickly as it arrived. Thinking all was over, I waited with baited breath willing the Commodore driver to PLEASE LEAVE, NOW.  Not so lucky, they must have been doing an around the block, because what felt like a minute later they were back and my heart returned to its new favourite place, my throat.

This time, the Falcon driver, who turned out to be a skinny girl, got out of the car, jumped into the passenger side of the Commodore and sat there for a couple of minutes. 

Picture me pacing and peering over my couch to get a cheeky look out the window.

After what felt like forever, but may have been only 90 seconds, she’s out of the Commodore and flying across the road back to the Falcon. And like a bat out of hell, she’s gone.

The commodore lights up but still sits there. Here’s where I got brave and pretended to return from the kitchen and flop back down on the couch and back to Parks and Rec. What would have been the longest 30 seconds ever, the car left, my heart returned to its normal location in my chest and it returned to it’s normal beats per minute cycle.

Hopefully this was only a once off. Next time I recommend they do these shenanigans at one of the various dead end streets or empty industrial areas nearby. 

And that was the excitement of my Saturday night.

What things happen in the night (that you really wish they didn’t) around your area?


Double take

21 Dec

This sign gets me double taking everyday!

I live southside. My neighbourhood consists of light industrial, some trashy units, nice houses and the beach.

The little haven is an 8 minute walk from the train station and every morning on my amble up to the station, I double take at this sign.

What makes you stop, do a double take and look again?

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