The tenant

15 Apr


Well, after months of “meh, don’t care about a housemate” and loosely advertising the room on gumtree, I had 2 enquiries on the same day.  Both from 44 year old men.

The first, total creep show.  Learning how to become a personal trainer. Turkish and right at the end, well quite frankly rude right at the end. When I wouldn’t entertain his request to let him know immediately whether he had the room or not.



Then I met my to be housemate.  English, mid 40s and going through a relationship split.  Likes beer and sport.  WHEN CAN YOU MOVE IN?

Well, he’s moving in this afternoon.  And I’m in mourning a little.  I love living by myself.  Sharing space again is going to be tough.  But think of the money.  Oh the money.



What’s goin’ on, goin’ on…

12 Apr

So, been a while been drinks hey?!?

I was reflecting, thinking what’s been going on? you know, really going on? And I came up blanks. And then the past few weeks came rushing back.

I’ve gone from going to yoga 4 times a week, personal training once a week, Friday and Saturday night going crazy and Sunday collapsing into a heap.
No way to live.

So I stopped that 2 weeks ago and instead:
Spent time with my friends in the Alpine region of Melbourne,
Went to the Gold Coast for work and spend a really good day up there
Gone on a couple of dates!
Gone to lots of comedy shows
Eaten well
Exercised when I wanted to and well

Sometimes, I get so bogged down in the mantra of “must exercise, must exercise” that I forgot that life is actually for living. And it’s feeling good, because life is being lived.

Wireless game continues

20 Mar

Oh really, do you do it better?


Mama’s going on holiday

15 Mar

Holiday baby!  Randomly, after a shitstorm morning on Melbourne’s public transport system, I finally arrived at work 4 hours after I left home. 

This is the reason:

When I got to work, I opened my emails (as you do) and saw Air Pacific (soon to be Air Fiji) had crazy good specials from Melbourne to Nadi. $350 return.  NO BRAINER.

So now I’m on the look out for recommendations and advice, remember I’m a single girl.  I know I’ll be surrounded by loved up couples, but I hope to avoid a few of them.  I’m there for 7 nights, 8 days. Going in October. Which is only 223 days away. Not that I’m counting

I’m sporty, I like water sports, a bit of adventure and up for a thrill.  My budget is mid range.  And I like food.

Where did you stay in Fiji?

What was the must do activity?

Best place to visit?

Best thing to eat?

Would love your recommendations. Hit me with them!


Railway views

14 Mar

Nothing exciting has happened recently in surburbia land. Except for the 9 days of 30 degree celcius weather (equivalent of around 90 f with an occasional appearance of 100+ weather). Awesome.

But enough of that until I get a good nights sleep. Here’s something prettier via the train.

The Patterson river crossing. Hello poet Phillip bay via metro.


Ticketmaster, please explain

27 Feb

I’ve got a real problem with Ticketmaster in Australia at the moment.  Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) is on soon and a swag of bands are touring.  Guess what – you can only buy their tickets from a few players, the biggest being Ticketmaster and Ticketek.

So my spending spree started and I saw just how much their “handling fees” had raised the cost of my ticket.  What was a 52 ticket hit over 60 when you add this charge plus the fee to pay by credit card.

I’ve posted something to ticketmaster to get an explanation on how they can justify up to $8 for a 2 minute (at the most) service. Working in software development myself I understand how there are influences such as research, development, infrastructure, people, security ect all add up.  I just think that the fee they are charging is excessive.  Especially when you multiply it over a year and across all their transactions.

Hearing me vent, a co worker pointed me in the direction of this article – the only thing that is missing here is hovercrafts that they use to play tag with.  It makes me feel a little better just because I laughed. I’m still angry at the fees.

Online vs real world bravery

26 Feb

In the real world, put a cute guy in front of me and I shut up shop in terms of my nerves. I can have a normal conversation with them, but I can’t string the words together to express how I’m feeling, whether I want to see them again (which if I’m talking to them for longer than 5 minutes, it’s a resounding YES!) for the fear of rejection.

I’ve just realised this – because I’m internet dating again. After he instigated the messages, I finally threw in the casual comment of ‘Want to get a drink at some stage?’ Well.  I’ve never received a response quicker than this mornings message.  A resounding yes, and a suggestion for this weekend.  Isn’t that nice!

So why then, when I “internet date” I’m free, no fear, no reservations and just don’t care.  Why can’t I translate this freedom and nonchalant-ness to real life. What do I need to do to become braver?

My thoughts are losing the whole “care factor”.  On the internet I really don’t care, lets apply this to real life and see what happens.

I hope it works, because quite frankly I’m over being single in the suburbs, I need to work on this problem with some gusto.

Otherwise, got any better suggestions world?

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