Online vs real world bravery

26 Feb

In the real world, put a cute guy in front of me and I shut up shop in terms of my nerves. I can have a normal conversation with them, but I can’t string the words together to express how I’m feeling, whether I want to see them again (which if I’m talking to them for longer than 5 minutes, it’s a resounding YES!) for the fear of rejection.

I’ve just realised this – because I’m internet dating again. After he instigated the messages, I finally threw in the casual comment of ‘Want to get a drink at some stage?’ Well.  I’ve never received a response quicker than this mornings message.  A resounding yes, and a suggestion for this weekend.  Isn’t that nice!

So why then, when I “internet date” I’m free, no fear, no reservations and just don’t care.  Why can’t I translate this freedom and nonchalant-ness to real life. What do I need to do to become braver?

My thoughts are losing the whole “care factor”.  On the internet I really don’t care, lets apply this to real life and see what happens.

I hope it works, because quite frankly I’m over being single in the suburbs, I need to work on this problem with some gusto.

Otherwise, got any better suggestions world?


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