Saturday night in the suburbs

7 Jan

I had a quiet Saturday night watching some Parks and Rec and watching the night pass by, when outside a car pulls up outside my house, a dark green Holden Commodore sedan.

Initially, I thought nothing of it returning my attention back on Parks and Rec.  Soon, something didn’t feel quite right.  The headlights went out on the car and the person just sat in the car.

The street is a major suburban thoroughfare, with a bus route that is frequented by residents of the local caravan park, oh the class. A bus stop is directly across the road from my house. But I digress…

A second car pulls up on the bus stop side. A blue / silver Ford Falcon.  Both cars are lights off and drivers are out of the car.

By this stage I’m off the couch and straight into the kitchen, to grab my phone, flicking lights to pretend lots of people are home.  Meanwhile, my heart is going 10 billion beats a minute in anticipation.  Am I about to watch a deal go down, a kidnap, a stabbing? Anything is possible in these streets.

The blue falcon drove off almost as quickly as it arrived. Thinking all was over, I waited with baited breath willing the Commodore driver to PLEASE LEAVE, NOW.  Not so lucky, they must have been doing an around the block, because what felt like a minute later they were back and my heart returned to its new favourite place, my throat.

This time, the Falcon driver, who turned out to be a skinny girl, got out of the car, jumped into the passenger side of the Commodore and sat there for a couple of minutes. 

Picture me pacing and peering over my couch to get a cheeky look out the window.

After what felt like forever, but may have been only 90 seconds, she’s out of the Commodore and flying across the road back to the Falcon. And like a bat out of hell, she’s gone.

The commodore lights up but still sits there. Here’s where I got brave and pretended to return from the kitchen and flop back down on the couch and back to Parks and Rec. What would have been the longest 30 seconds ever, the car left, my heart returned to its normal location in my chest and it returned to it’s normal beats per minute cycle.

Hopefully this was only a once off. Next time I recommend they do these shenanigans at one of the various dead end streets or empty industrial areas nearby. 

And that was the excitement of my Saturday night.

What things happen in the night (that you really wish they didn’t) around your area?



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